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Terms and Conditions

-I agree to accept all responsibility for photo release, if necessary, in regards to any photos of individuals included in the ad I submit.

-I have the authority to submit the ad on behalf of said business/firm/organization and I have the necessary permissions to use any logos or trademarks contained in my ad submission.

-I understand that the Friends of the Rose Garden Home Mission ("Friends")  reserves the right to reject my ad if th
ey believe it to contain inappropriate, offensive or otherwise unsuitable content- and that this will be at the sole judgement of the "Friends". If this occurs, I understand that I will receive a refund- providing that the "Friends" have received my payment. 

-I understand that I may be asked to down-size my ad if space limitations occur. I understand that in this case I will receive a refund in the amount I paid, minus the cost of the smaller ad (Original price - price of smaller ad = my refund)

-I understand that after May 14th, 2024, my ad may no longer be changed, edited or canceled.

-I understand that by purchasing this ad space and submitting my ad, I grant permission to the "Friends" to publish my ad in their 2024 dinner program. This includes both printed and digital form and I understand that the dinner program, with my ad in it, may be published on the internet.


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